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Top 50 places for travel & vacation in France. 41-50

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Pyrenees - is a mountain range in the south-west of Europe and the natural boundary between France and Spain. Forests (beech, spruce, pine), Mediterranean thick, alpine grass. There are mineral springs. In the Pyrenees are national parks of pyrene (France), Ordesa and Monte Perdido, Aiguet-Tortes Lago San Mauricio (Spain). In the Pyrenees there are three national parks: the National Park of Ordes de Mont Perdido, the Parque Natural de Aigüestortes, the National Pyrenees Park.
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42.Gorges du Verdon
Verdon - Gorge is one of the deepest canyons in Europe and France. In some places, up to 700 yards depth and nearly vertical walls of limestone in the confined space, separated only 6 meters. Canyon begins in the town of Castellane and extends between the rock walls at a distance of 21 km from the reservoir Lac de Sainte-Croix. Hike the trail 14 km long, it takes about 6 hours and a few places, pass through tunnels. It has plenty of places to settle. At the upper edge of the canyon with olive groves and the intoxicating fragrance of lavender.
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Grenoble is a city and a commune in the southeast of France. Center of the department of Isere and the historical area Dauphine. Grenoble is located at the intersection of three valleys surrounded by mountain ranges of the Alps: Chartreuse, Beldon and Vercors; on the banks of the Isere River. Sightseeing: Bastille - a fortress of the first half of the XIX century on the slope of one of the surrounding peaks with a view of Grenoble. The Saint-Laurent Museum of Archeology - there are collections of finds of various archeological expeditions. The Grenoble Museum contains archaeological exhibits on the history of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
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44.Crêt du Poulet
Crêt du Poulet - is a mountain peak in Belledonne, located in the municipality of Saint-Pierre d'Alvare in Isère in France. The height is 1726 m above sea level. Located in the municipality of Saint-Pierre d'Allevard in Isère. The mountain can be visited along the mountain trail with Montouvrard. The mountain trail also continues south towards Cret Luisard. The mountain is part of the protected area of the peat bogs of Sept-Lo and Cret Luisard.
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45.Millau Viaduct
Millau Viaduct is currently the highest road bridge in the world (France). Millau Viaduct Construction took just three years. Full dlina2460 m shirina32 m, height of 343 m. The flow of tourists has increased considerably since the opening of the bridge, he has more than half a million people a year. Many famous people have visited the bridge, of which the Minister of Industry and China. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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Balazuc is a French commune located in the department of Ardeche. It is worth a visit: a picturesque medieval village with ramparts, dungeons and a castle, the Church of Our Lady of the Xi, the Chapel of St. John the Baptist, the 13th-century Fortress, Rock-climbing in Barasses, the Ardeche Museum containing over 600 original fossils. A popular destination is the ecological village of Vail-Odon, which can be reached on foot from Balazhuk. The best view is from the steep cliff above Ardeche, from where you can observe many turns and the further course of the river in the caves.
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Allèves is a municipality in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region, the department of Haute-Savoie. The Alleves, located in the Cheran valley, in the south are dominated by Montana de Banj (1.217 m), and in the north of the tower of Saint-Jacques (991 m). The main attractions: the towers of Saint-Jacques or fabulous chimneys majestic monolithic towers overlooking the village and located on the southern foothills of Semnoz, the caves of Banges, the Castle of Cengle. The city does not belong to the regional natural park of the Bauges massif, remaining an enclave in this territory.
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48.Vercors Massif
Vercors Massif - mountain range is located in France, in the departments of Isère and Drôme. Mountain and is a limestone massif in the French Alps. The highest peak Grand Veymont (2341 m). There are about 10 peaks above 2,000 m. The world-famous caves Gouffre Berge one of the deepest in the world (1141 m) is located right in the Vercors massif on Sornin plain. The array has a natural park Parc Naturel Regional Du Vercors.
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49.Dune of Pilat
Dune of Pilat - the largest sand dune in Europe, located in the commune of La Teste de Buch near Arcachon Bay (France). The dune has a capacity of 60,000,000 m3, a width of 500 m and a height of 130 m. The dune moves inland from the coast by several meters per year. You can get to the dune from the resort town of Arcachon (distance is 8 km), or from Bordeaux (distance 60 km). As a tourist attraction of the Aquitaine region, it takes from 1 to 1.5 million annual visitors.
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50.Mont Aiguille
Mont Aiguille - mountain in the south-eastern part of Verkorvo mountains (France). It is located on the border of the municipalities chichilianne, Saint-Martin-de-Clelles and Saint-Michel-les-Portes, in the southern part of the Isère department. It is located in the Vercors Regional Nature Park. Currently it offers everything, without exception, climbing ways. They represent different degrees of complexity and requires knowledge of basic climbing techniques and use of specialized climbing equipment and protection (helmet). In the summer at the weekend not rare days when at the top of the mountain there are more than 100 people.
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