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Top 50 places for travel & vacation in Japan. 11-20

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Nara is a city in Japan, in the northern part of Nara Prefecture, the administrative center of this prefecture. It is included in the list of the central cities of the country. One of the ancient capitals of Japan. In Nara there is a large number of old temples that attract tourists and pilgrims from Japan and from around the world. Now around the temples and in the parks there are deer fed tourists, and the food for them is sold everywhere. Worth visiting: National Museum of Nara, Imperial Palace Heijou, Pond Sarusava, Mount Vakakusa. The historical monuments of Nara are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
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Nikko is a city in Japan, in Tochigi Prefecture. The main attraction of Nikko - Shinto shrine Toshyo-gu - the place of repose of the great commander and statesman Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. Nearby is the mausoleum of his grandson Iemitsu. These structures are located in a grove of huge Japanese cedars and are distinguished by an abundance of gilded details. The city of Nikko is part of the national park of the same name with picturesque mountain views, a rich trout Lake Tudzendzi and a view of the 100-meter waterfall Kagon. In Japan there is a saying: "Do not say" great "until you see Nikko"
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Kamakura is a city in Japan, in the Kanagawa Prefecture. It is located in the south-eastern part of the prefecture, on the shore of the Saghamskoi Bay, in a hilly area. In the city there are many monuments of antiquity: Shinto shrine Tsuruoka-Hatiman, Buddhist monasteries of Yenkakuji, Kentoji, Haseda, statue of Kamakura buddha and the like. In the coastal part there are beaches and amusement parks. The climate of Kamakura is soft. It is an ideal winter and summer resort. In Kamakura there are 176 Shinto and Buddhist temples.
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Takayama is a city in Japan, in Gifu Prefecture. It is located in the northern part of the prefecture, near the Hida mountains. The city is a popular tourist center because it preserves several old buildings, and on the outskirts a "typical village of Hida" was built, where the buildings of the mountain villages of the Shirakawa Valley of the 17th, 18th and 17th centuries were reproduced. XIX, called gassho-zukuri. This city was chosen as one of the top ten destinations in Asia. Worth visiting: Ruins of Matsukura Castle, World Shrine for Su-God, Hida Tosho-Gu, Norikura Mountain, Shin-Khotaka Anatnaya Road, Hid Mura Folk Village, Kusakabe National Museum.
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15.Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji - is the highest mountain in Japan. The height of 3776 m. The exceptionally symmetrical cone of Mount Fuji is a well-known symbol of Japan, which is often depicted in art and photographs, as well as popular among hikers and climbers. Since June 22, 2013 the mountain has been protected by UNESCO. There are campsites around the mountain. Located on the top of Mount Fuji A Shinto shrine, a post office and a weather station. Mountain neighborhood are part of the National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Paragliding from the top are possible, but are not popular because of the strong winds; suitable weather sometimes happens early in the morning.
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16.Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan - located in Osaka, is one of the four theme parks of Universal Studios. The park is similar to Universal Orlando Resort, as it contains the selected attractions of Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. The majority of visitors are Japanese tourists and tourists from other Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Attractions are located in nine areas of the park. There are also rides that are not part of the American version and are unique to Universal Studios Japan, such as Black Lake and Hogwarts Express Photo Op.
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17.Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo DisneySea is a 71.22 hectare theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort, located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, near Tokyo. Tokyo's DisneySea attracted about 14 million visitors in 2013, making it the fourth most visited by the theme park in the world. Tokyo DisneySea is also the most expensive theme park ever built, worth more than $ 4 billion. There are seven areas or ports. The entrance to the park is a Mediterranean port that opens up to six other seaports: the United States Coast Port, Delta del Rio, Discovery Port, Laguna de las Sirenas, Costa Araba and Isla Mysterios.
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Ishigaki - island in the island group Yaeyamao Ministers sakishima Ryukyu archipelago in Japan. The highest point of the island - Mount Omoto height of 529 m most city of the island - Ishigaki. Cities: Miyar, Sirach, Hirai, oohs, Maesato, Kabir. About 20% of the surface covered by forests Ishigaki Island and shrubs, 15% - meadows. The climate is tropical humid. In January, the average temperature is about 18.3 C. reaches 29.3 C. In July, the wet season begins in mid-May. It lasts 2 to 4 weeks. The popular tourist region.
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Iriomote-jima - one of the islands of Ryukyu Yaeyama archipelago in Japan. This tiny island area of ​​284 square kilometers. This is one of Japan's most southern islands. Vegetation Iriomote and surrounding islands is characterized by palm trees and resembles the Mesozoic period. There are 4 types of palms. The largest cities are Ohara and Saone. The island is very interesting for tourists because of its nature. Connected to the island by ferry Ishigaki. Among the common animals endemic iriomotsky cat. The coastline is very indented, especially in the west, formed many deep and narrow bays and beaches.
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20.Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace is the palace of the Emperor of Japan in the special district of the Tioda metropolitan Tokyo. Located in the former castle of Edo. Used since the second half of the 19th century as the residence of the emperors and the Imperial Court. It is under the control of the Imperial Court of Japan. The total area together with the gardens is 7.41 square meters. km. The architecture of the buildings of the complex is mixed: some buildings are built in the European, and others in the traditional style. Gardens and most of the castle buildings are open to the public.
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