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Top 10 places for travel & vacation in Afghanistan.

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1.Herat Citadel
Herat Citadel - is located in the center of the city of Herat in Afghanistan. This historic site was saved from destruction in the 1950s, and was unearthed and restored by UNESCO. The citadel was built 330 BC, when Alexander the Great and his army were here.
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2.Buddhas of Bamiyan
Buddhas of Bamiyan - two giant statues of Buddha (55 and 37 meters), part of a complex of Buddhist monasteries in the Bamyan Valley. In 2001, despite the protests of the world community and other Islamic countries, the statues were barbarously destroyed by the Taliban, who believed that they were pagan idols and were subject to destruction. The statues were carved into the mountains surrounding the valley, partially supplemented with a solid plaster that was supported by a wooden fittings. The upper parts of sculptures made of wood were lost in antiquity. In addition to the destroyed sculptures, in the monasteries of the valley there is one more, depicting the Buddha. UNESCO site.
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3.Gardens of Babur
By Jim Kelly CC2
Gardens of Babur - historical park in Kabul, Afghanistan, and also in the past the resting place of the first Emperor Mogul Babur. It is believed that the gardens were commissioned by Emperor Babur around 1528. The famous Bag-E Babur is one of the landmarks of the country, which is distinguished by careful planting of plantations. During the time of the Mughal emperors, many unique plants were grown here. Bug - E Babur is a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List in Afghanistan.
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4.Shrine of Ali
By Steve Evans CC2
Shrine of Ali - mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. One of the alleged burial places of the last righteous Caliph Ali, son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. In the southern part of the inner courtyard of the mosque is the mausoleum of Khazret Ali, whose walls are entirely tinted with blue tiled carpet. In the courtyard of the mosque, there are the tombs of two other saints - Shir Ali and Akbar Khan. Thanks to regular restoration works, the Blue Mosque is one of the best preserved ancient monuments in Afghanistan.
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5.Jama Masjid of Herat
By Peretz Partensky CC2
Jama Masjid of Herat - the mosque is located in the Afghan city of Herat. The mosque is 1200 years old, it has a grandiose size: 96 × 75 meters.
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6.Tajbeg Palace
By Tracy Hunter CC2
Tajbeg Palace is located on the south-western outskirts of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on a well-seen from all sides of the hill. The Taj-Bek Palace was built during the reign of Amanullah Khan in the mid-1920s with the help of a group of German architects as the home of the royal family. On December 27, 1979, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) began the deployment of troops into Afghanistan. That evening, the Soviet military launched Operation Storm-333, during which special units of the KGB of the USSR "Thunder" and "Zenith" and the Armed Forces of the USSR in the Taj-bek Palace liquidated the President of Afghanistan, Khafizullah Amin. The Afghan government, together with the German government, developed a plan for repairing the palace for official use.
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7.Darul Aman Palace
Darul Aman Palace is a palace in Afghanistan, located about 16 km from the center of Kabul. The palace and destiny were destroyed in late 1990 by the Mujahideen, who took control of the capital Kabul. Today, the dilapidated building was used by NATO forces as an observation post.
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8.Pamir Mountains
Pamir Mountains is a mountain system in Central Asia, on the territory of Tajikistan (the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region), Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. The natural features of the Pamirs are divided into Western and Eastern. The western Pamir is characterized by a deeply dissected high-mountainous relief, the height of peaks reaches more than 7000 m. The Eastern Pamir has a flattened relief, flat bottoms of valleys and hollows at an altitude of 3500-4500 m. The ridges reach more than 6000 m. There are deposits of rock crystal, rare metals, mercury, boron , Tin, silver, etc. The area of ​​glaciers is more than 7515 km2. The largest is the Fedchenko glacier, the longest glacier outside the Polar region. Pamir is a region of high seismicity.
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9.Hindu Kush
Hindu Kush - mountains in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, from the Himalayas are separated by the Indus Valley length 800 km, width up to 350 km. Height up to 7708 m (Tirichmir). The mountains were formed during the Alpine folding, enclosed by ancient metamorphic rocks (shales, granites, limestones, etc.). The area of the glacier is 6200 km2.
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10.Tora Bora
Tora Bora - a cave complex and a fortified area of ​​Afghan mujahideen during the Afghan war (1979-1989), the radical Islamic Taliban movement and the international terrorist organization Al-Qaida during the Taliban regime and the introduction of the forces of the Western anti-Taliban coalition ISAF ". It is located on the spine of Safedkhoh at an altitude of 4000 m (above sea level) 85 km south of the city of Jalalabad, Pachir Wa Agam district, Nangarhar province of East Afghanistan, about 50 km west of the Khyber Pass and 10 km to the north of Borders of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FTCT) in Pakistan. There is a labyrinth of tunnels, it has a depth of up to 400 m, with a lot of galleries, storages, living quarters and shelters, bunkers, armament and ammunition depots. The total length of the tunnels is more than 25 km.
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