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Top 10 places for travel & vacation in Aland Islands.

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Mariehamn - a small town in the south of the Aland Islands. The locals speak Swedish. On the eastern shore of the city is a major port and the Maritime Quarter. Mariehamn has a kilometer green alley consisting of lindens. Local attractions: Maritime Quarter, the Maritime Museum, Badhusberget, St. George's Church, Badhusparken, museum ship Pommern. Mariehamn has a number of bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. There is also a casino and several outdoor scenes. Mariehamn theater has its home hall in Mariehamn City Hall. In the city are: Alandia Jazz Festival, Åland Sea Days and Rockoff.
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Aland Museum - located in the center of Mariehamn Historical Museum. In the same building there is also the Art Museum, which has in its funds both works of local masters and a collection of foreign paintings. The museum of the Åland Islands is dedicated to the history and the present day of the archipelago.

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Eckerö is an island in the Baltic Sea, located in the extreme west of the Åland Islands. Tourism is the most important means of livelihood in Eckerö. The municipality has a number of hotels, mobile homes, restaurants, cafes, recreation centers and beaches. Sports events are held, including concerts, fairs. Sightseeing: Eckerö Church, Eckerö Post & Customs House, Hunting and Fishing Museum, Labbas Homstead Banking Museum, Storby The Greatman is the largest in the world.
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4.Kastelholm Castle
Kastelholm Castle is a medieval castle in the commune of Sund on the Åland archipelago. Castelholm Castle is the only medieval castle on the Alands, mentioned for the first time in the annals in 1388. Next to the castle is the open-air museum of Jan Karlsgården and the prison museum of Vita Björn.
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Kökar is a community on the Åland Islands, Finland. Sightseeing: Church of St. Anne in 1784, Otterböte Bronze Age, Källskär beach.
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Pommern is a four-masted sailboat - a museum that is considered one of the symbols of the Åland Islands. Length: 95 m, Width: 13 m, Mast height: 50 m, Average speed of 5.5 knots.
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7.The fortress of Bomarsund
The fortress of Bomarsund - almost destroyed fortress of 1830-1854, now acts as a museum, Aland Islands.
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8.Jan Karlsgarden Open Air Museum
Jan Karlsgarden Open Air Museum is a museum that includes a prison, traditional Aland buildings, a restaurant and a cafeteria, Aland Islands.
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Lemland is a village located in the province of Oland, Aland Islands. Sightseeing: Lemland church, Lemböten chapel, canal Lemström, Lumparsund strait.
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Storlandet is an island in the archipelago off the southwestern coast of Finland. Storlandet is the largest island of Väståboland and after Kimiensaari and Otava is the third largest in the archipelago.

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