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Top 10 places for travel & vacation in Cuba.

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Havana - the capital, cultural and economic center of Cuba. The city is located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The climate is tropical, the average temperature of 25-29 degrees Celsius. In the summer it rains. Some of the city attractions included in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage deserves special attention fortress of La Real Fuerza, the Santa Clara Convent, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. In February, the city hosts a jazz festival and carnival.

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Trinidad is a city off the coast of the Caribbean Sea in Cuba. It is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city has perfectly preserved the ancient architecture. 12 km south of the city is the spit Ancon and the beach. The main attractions include the Plaza Mayor, the Church of San Francisco, the Church of Santa Ana, the Church of Nuestra Señora, the Guamuhaya Museum of Archeology, the Romantic Museum, the Colonial Architecture Museum, the Casa de la Trova de Trinidad.

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Cienfuegos - the city is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cuba. A large port, as well as a shopping center for sugar, tobacco and coffee. The city center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main city attractions include Castillo de Jagua, Paseo del Prado, Ferrer Palace, Cienfuegos Botanical Garden, Fortress of Our Lady of the Jagua Angels, José Martí Park, Thomas Terry Theater, Palacio de Valle, Martina Hell Cave, Rancho Luna Beach.
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4.Bodeguita del medio
Bodeguita del medio is a bar and restaurant of typical Cuban cuisine located on Empedrado Street in Old Havana, in Havana. It is good - a famous tourist place because of the personalities who patronized it: Salvador Allende, the poet Pablo Neruda, the artist Josignacio and many others. Bodeguit claims the birthplace of the cocktail Mojito. Today the restaurant is one of the most visited places in Cuba. UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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5.Cayo Coco
Cayo Coco - Cuba island known for its spas "all inclusive". The island got its name from the bird Coco (white ibis). Between Cuba and Cayo is an artificial road, where you can see wild flamingos. The island has several world-class hotels. A popular place for recreational diving. The island has an international airport.
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6.Cayo Levisa
Cayo Levisa is an island about 3 km from the northern coast of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico in the province of Pinar del Río. On the island there is only the Cayo Levisa hotel. On the northern coast of the island there is a beach 4 km long, beyond which there is a strip of pine forest. The southern side of the island is inaccessible due to mangrove forests. Cayo Levisa is a refuge for pelicans and other large birds.

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7.Vinales Valley
Vinales Valley occupies 132 square kilometers of area in Cuba. The valley is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known for its steep hills with flat tops up to 400 m, which are more than 160 million years. In the mountains, there are many caves: Cave of the Indian, Santo Tomas, Jose Miguel. There is a botanical garden of the Casa de Caridad and a giant mural of prehistoric people and animals to 120 m in height.
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8.Topes de Collantes
Topes de Collantes - is a huge natural protected area of ​​Cuba, located in the central part of the island, a few kilometers from the city of Trinidad and the Sugar Mills Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has numerous rivers, caves, waterfalls. It is worth visiting: coffee plantations, Caburní waterfall 62 meters, cave systems, Hacienda Codina (ranch, medicinal mud baths, medicinal and ornamental gardens, a collection of orchids with more than 40 native species, bamboo groves, love island, yoga angle and Altar Cave) Dendropark with more than 300 species of exotic plants, Coffee House.

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9.Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca
Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca is a fortress on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in the Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba, about 10 km from the city center. The fortress was built in 1637 under the leadership of Juan Battista Antonelli, representative of the Milanese family of military engineers, on orders and in honor of the governor of Pedro de la Roca and Borja, in order to defend the city from pirates. In 1997, the fortress was declared part of the World Heritage, as the best-preserved example of Spanish colonial military architecture. Currently, the museum has a history of piracy in the fortress.
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10.Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro
The fortress of El Morro - fort that protects the bay of Havana, Cuba. The Citadel was built by the engineer Antonelli Dzhanbatisty. Fort is located on a hill and offers a wonderful view of the neighborhood of Havana. Above the wall of the fortress was built 25 meter high lighthouse. Inside the citadel there are beacons museum, stand on the perimeter guns
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