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Top 10 places for travel & vacation in French Polynesia.

1.Bora Bora
Bora Bora is part of the famous island of French Polynesia. The island is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. The main attraction of the resort is its untouched nature. All its beauty can be seen through glass bottom boats, scuba, helicopter and jeep. The ocean waters many seahorses, stingrays, sharks, barracuda - so be careful.
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Moorea island consisting of igneous rocks in French Polynesia. Very hot island average temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius. According to many tourists the most beautiful island of Moorea Polynesia. Every February there are in a triathlon competition. The island has few public beaches, since most belong to the local hotels. Also on the island there are two beautiful waterfalls.
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3.Nuva hiva
Nuku Hiva is a volcanic island in Polynesia. The highest point of Tekao is 1225 m. The island is 30 km long and 15 km wide. The largest settlement, as well as the administrative center of the marquis, is Taiohae at the foot of Mont-Muyk 864 meters. From time to time, cruise liners pass here. On the island, vegetation includes coconut, banana, mango, papaya, pineapple, grapefruit, orange, lemon, hibiscus, jasmine and roses.
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Tahiti is the largest island of Polynesia. In addition to enjoying the beautiful nature here and you can try to conquer the mountain Aorai height is 2066 m. The island has a botanical garden, the Museum of Tahiti, Paul Gauguin Museum. 10 km north of Papeete is the Venus point - the place where James Cook was watching her movements.
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5.Caroline Island
Caroline Island is the easternmost of the coral atolls that make up the southern islands of Line in French Polynesia. In 2014, the Kiribati government established a 12-mile catch limit zone around each of the southern islands of the Line. The atoll became famous due to the fact that, after the changes in the 1995 international date line, it became the easternmost part of the land on Earth. The lagoon in the center of the atoll is shallow - a maximum of 5-7 meters in depth. The coastal reef is 500 m from the coast on average (according to some sources - per kilometer) and makes landing on the island dangerous, except, perhaps, at the peak of the tide. On the island there are no natural bays, harbors, or deep straits in the central lagoon. The water that reaches the lagoon during the tide by small canals, is always surrounded by a reef. Most of the landings on the island are made through a small gap in the reef off the north-west coast of South Motu (it can be seen in the satellite photo above). Caroline is one of the most remote islands in the world. According to the Government of Kiribati, the island will be flooded in 2025.
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Tubuai is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Refers to the archipelago of Ostral, the main island of the group of islands of Tubuai, part of French Polynesia. Located 640 km south of Tahiti. The main tourist attraction of the island are the remains of Fort George, built by rebels from the "Bounty". Observing the migration of whales around the island from June to October is another important object of tourism. Visitors also note a large number of former, as well as one operating "mara" - the traditional altar-altar on the island.
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Mataiva is an atoll in the archipelago of Tuamotu (French Polynesia) in the Palliser Islands group. In translation from the Polynesian language, "Mataiva" means "nine eyes". It is located in the northwestern part of the archipelago about 18 km north-west of the athele Tikehau and 80 km north-west of Rangiroa.
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By Makemake CC3
Puka-Puka is a coral atoll in the north-eastern part of the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia. Atoll is flat and arid. Puka-Puka is the most isolated atoll of the archipelago of Tuamotu. It is located in the north-eastern part of Tuamotu 260 km to the south-east from Napuk Atoll and 183 km to the north-east from the Fakahina Atoll.
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Raivavae is an island in the Tubuai archipelago (French Polynesia). Located to the south of the island of Tahiti in the central part of the archipelago, about 195 km southeast of the island of Tubuai. Raivavae is of volcanic origin. In the center is the highest island, which is surrounded by a lagoon. The lagoon, in turn, is surrounded by small islands, or motu, Motu-Mano, Motu-Khan, Motu-Vaiamanu, Motu-Araoo and Motu-Haamu. On the island there is an airfield in the lagoon, which contributes to the development of ecotourism.
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Eiao is an island in the Marquesas Islands. It is part of French Polynesia. In the pre-European period, the Te-Yi leaders were buried on the island. On Eiao found several stone structures made by ancient Polynesians. In 1992, Eiao and nearby rocks were declared a reserve.
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