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Top 10 places for travel & vacation in Guernsey.

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1.Saint Peter Port
Saint Peter Port is the largest city on the canal of Guernsey. The city has many medieval buildings of interest to tourists. Worth visiting: Cornet Castle, Guernsey Museum, La Vallette Underground War Museum and local beaches.
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Sark - is a small island in Guernsey. There are no cars on the island. The island is famous for its folk culture, wine, beautiful views and gardens.

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Alderney - is the most northern of the recumbent from the French coast of the Channel Islands, Guernsey. Alderney is popular as a place of residence, especially among retired people, so the average age of the population is quite high. In early August, Alderney Week is held - numerous cultural and sports events. Beaches: Arch Bay, Longys Bay, Salt Plate, Braye Bay, Clonque, Corblets, Saye, Telegraph Bay. Festivals: Alderney Literary Festival, Alderney Performing Arts Festival, Alderney Annual Motor Sprint and Hill Climb, Miss Alderney. The island is quiet and secluded and is popular among people who want to go quietly somewhere.
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4.Artparks Sculpture Park
Artparks Sculpture Park in Saint Martin, Guernsey. 200 modern sculptures of about 70-80 artists from the UK and around the world. The park has a tropical garden, free parking, a bus stop and a café. Artparks Garden sculptures are open daily, from 10 am to 5 pm. There is a small fee for admission and interest-free loan guides.
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5.Hauteville House
By @N00 CC2
Hauteville House is a building on Otwil Street in St. Peter Port on the island of Guernsey. The famous French writer Victor Hugo lived and worked in it during his exile. The garden adjoins the house, where trees and flowers grow in abundance.
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6.L'Ancresse Bay
By Jonathan Wilkins CC2
L'Ancresse hamlet is located in the Parish of Valle Clos to the north of the island of Anglo-Norman, Guernsey. The village can offer many forts and batteries, golf, parkrun, walking, football, horse riding and racing, shooting, cycling, beach sports, swimming and a variety of plant and animal species.
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Cornet is a castle located near the port of Saint Peter Port in Guernsey. Serves as a breakwater, 175 meters long and 130 meters wide. Now it acts as a marine and historical museum.
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8.Fort Grey
Fort Gray is a tower on the west coast of the island of Guernsey. The fort was built in 1801, now it acts as a museum.
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By Chris CC2
Lihou is a small island in Guernsey. Today the island is a reception center for school groups and a wildlife sanctuary.
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10.Fermain bay
Fermain Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Guernsey. The beach has a cafe and is great for relaxing with friends.
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